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About Us

Everystory Lanka (formed in 2018) is a Sri Lankan-based feminist collective focused on storytelling and knowledge sharing. We use creative practices, mixed media, panel discussions, and more to create this space. We believe that stories and knowledge come in all shapes and forms, and it is within this complexity and potential for creativity that we engage.

The current formulation of our team and way of working began in May 2020 and is primarily remote-based. Alongside our core team, we have our Fellows who work with us each quarter on a rolling basis. We also employ several freelancers and consultants for support on various projects.


We believe that the idea of feminism and its core principles (including choice, individuality, respect for self/difference, and others) are and should be fundamental principles of humanity that allow each person to be their most authentic work. This often happens when people find narratives and stories that they can relate to that reflect their environment, allowing them to embrace and integrate these values into their daily lives. For us, feminism goes beyond equality and equity - it is about challenging and dismantling systems, structures, and institutions of oppression. It is with this ethos at the core that we view and navigate the work of Everystory


Our Vision

Promote the building of a culture, society, and world that is truly equal and equitable, centered on intersectional feminist principles through the vehicles of storytelling and knowledge creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to harness this work as a vehicle to challenge and dismantle systems of power and oppression that marginalize people and communities as we build a truly equal and equitable world centered on intersectional feminist principles.

Our current mission is to create this space in Sri Lanka and South Asia, rooted in our histories, traditions, cultures, and practices – without compromising on the principles of questioning and evolution. The global pandemic in May 2020, coupled with the formal creation of our collective, has also allowed us to begin new and exciting work as a response to the changing social dynamics of the world.

Meet Our Team

Core Team

Everystory Sri Lanka Fellows 

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