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We're Hiring!- YFN Program Manager

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Job Description

The Young Feminist Network is made up of 250 members who are young feminists aged 15-30 who live, study, and work in Sri Lanka. The network was formed under Everystory Lanka (ESSL) in 2020 when we recognised the importance of building safe spaces for learning, unlearning, and creating a community where we can learn from and support each other. We try to do this through monthly newsletters featuring a themed reading list (you can see examples here and here), check-in calls, workshops, and features from members or older feminists on how they weave feminist principles and politics into their everyday work and life (examples here, and here, and through our youtube channel here). We also focus on drawing on Sri Lankan and South Asian resources and resource people as far as possible, featuring writing, art, thinking and activism which might not be part of mainstream discussions about feminist thought and practice.


The Programme Manager will be required to work with the ESSL team on the following:

  • Support the Everystory team to establish Everystory Lanka as an organisation focused on using storytelling and knowledge sharing to further its feminist advocacy goals.

  • To support Everystory’s core team with coordinating and executing the work of the organisation including but not limited to the Young Feminist Network (YFN).

  • To manage, curate and grow YFN in line with the programme goals, and intentions and expand the network’s membership.

  • Coordinate and curate the monthly newsletter and its components or equivalent. The Manager may pitch alternative ideas for this programming work.

  • To organise and coordinate two (2) YFN learning circle sessions, IG lives and any other interactive sessions online or in-person each month.

  • To build and maintain a resource database with the support of the co-founders.

  • To manage and supervise junior programme managers, interns, or work experience candidates when they are assigned to support the execution of YFN’s work programme.


  • Applicants must have an expressed interest in the fields of feminism, feminist thought and advocacy, or gender studies.

  • Applicants must have strong skills in writing and research. Applicants must be able to research and learn about unfamiliar areas independently (or with assistance from colleagues), and be able to articulate ideas and concepts in clear, accessible English.

  • The ideal candidate will be highly responsive and organised. They will demonstrate good problem-solving skills, be able to manage multiple deadlines, and deliver consistently. We expect a candidate who can communicate effectively with other team members and her supervisors, especially when there are difficulties in executing the work due to external or personal issues.

  • Be comfortable using MS Word, MS Excel, and Google documents, and have the literacy to navigate new applications we may adopt such as Canva, Miro, and newsletter software.

  • Any prior experience with creative writing, research, and project management will be an added bonus.

  • Applicants should have Sinhala or Tamil language capabilities. Fluency is not expected, but a candidate should be able to converse in either language and be able to read at a basic level.

  • Please note that we expect a minimum commitment of at least one year for this role, and will prioritise candidates who are available for 2 years.

  • Applicants must be based in Sri Lanka and be eligible to work in Sri Lanka.


  • An email body. Please refrain from sending empty emails with just a CV attached. we immediately reject these applications.

  • An up-to-date CV demonstrating your qualifications, recent work experience, and two non-related referees. Your referees should be able to speak to your competence and character, this can be a teacher or lecturer from your school or University, a supervisor from a previous job, internship, or somewhere you volunteered.

  • A cover letter explaining why you would be a suitable candidate for this job role. This is an excellent place to highlight any specific skills, experience, or interests that make you a good candidate for the position you are applying for, especially things not contained in your CV.

  • A writing sample/portfolio for us to see your writing or creative skills.


  • All team members work on a “part-time” basis for approximately 15-20 hours (3 working days) per week.

  • Our general “working days” are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and we usually make ourselves available during this time, however, team members can carry out their work at their convenience and arrange their hours as it suits them. The only exception is that team members must attend a compulsory meeting on the following:

    • Every Monday from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm

    • Thursdays from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm (approximately 2-3 Thursdays a month as required)

  • We work remotely and online and maintain a relaxed, informal, and friendly working environment. We have a quarterly strategic meeting held in person (i.e. four meetings a year) and may have a few in-person events spread across the year. Advanced notice will be given regarding any in-person events and the organisation will cover reasonable transport costs.

  • We also offer generous leave arrangements, even if you aren’t a permanent employee. All of us work around and support each other through difficult mental health days.


  • We currently are able to offer a basic monthly retainer of Rs. 23,000/-, although we would love to offer more.

  • The organisation strives to compensate team members as much as we can within our limited budget as a not-for-profit. As such, most team members receive additional compensation based on projects worked on (where there is separate project funding). We also offer any additional consultancy, writing, editing, and translating work sent to us by existing team members before giving it to anyone else.

  • We aim to cover any additional costs undertaken by a team member during the course of their work so you don’t have to pay for anything out of pocket. However, you are expected to have a working internet connection and a computer of your own, we will do our best to cover any additional costs.

  • Once made permanent, the employee will be registered for EPF/ETF and offered additional allowances. The basic fee is also subject to an increment at the beginning of each calendar year.

Applications should be emailed with the subject line “YFN Programme Manager” to before 10th February 2023.

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