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About Everystory Sri Lanka (ESSL)

Everystory Sri Lanka (formed in 2018) is a Sri Lankan-based feminist collective focused on storytelling and knowledge sharing. We use creative practices, mixed media, panel discussions, and more to create this space. We believe that stories and knowledge come in all shapes and forms, and it is within this complexity and potential for creativity that we engage. The current formulation of our team and way of working began in May 2020 and is primarily remote-based. Our core team currently includes our two co-founders, two Program Managers, one Social Media Manager, and one Finance & Admin Manager, as well as interns employed each quarter on a rolling basis. We also employ several freelancers and consultants for support on various projects.

About the ESSL Work Experience program

As we build a feminist organization and reflect on what that means, we are fostering at the core the self-development, knowledge sharing, and support structure for the women who work with us – for however long that may be. Our Work Experience program is aimed at women and girls who are looking to explore their skill set, connect with the feminist space and movement, or break into work that traditionally falls into what is termed as the ‘development sector’.

We are open to applicants of all ages (candidates under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign their contract), experiences and skillsets who share our intersectional feminist values, have a willingness to learn, are dynamic, self-reflective and passionate.

Work Experience candidates are accepted to our program on a rolling basis and are for a duration of 3-6 months. It is vital that applicants can commit a minimum of 3 months, have access to a stable interest connection, are able to attend remote team meetings, and have the time and capacity to commit to the requirements.

Program Overview

Each Work Experience Candidate will by the end of the program have completed the following:

  • Support the ESSL Co-Founders and team in establishing Everystory Sri Lanka as an organization focused on using storytelling in a wide range of methods to challenge mainstream narratives and create safe spaces

  • A piece of work conceptualized and executed by the Work Experience Candidate as the primary lead with team support where needed (this could take the form of an event, community project, awareness seminar, collaboration) in line with the core principles and beliefs of the organization

  • Support on an on-going piece of work led by a Core Team member of ESSL

  • Collaboration with the Social Media Manager to develop and execute a tri-lingual social media campaign OR collaboration with the Strategic and Creative Consultant to develop a tri-lingual resource or publication

  • Other tasks and support based on their skill set as guided by the team

  • Attend all core weekly full team meetings and other project meetings as relevant to the tasks undertaken

Job role: Social Media

  1. A professional level of fluency in English AND Sinhala or Tamil is a must.

  2. Familiarity with social media platforms, primarily Instagram/Facebook/Tiktok

  3. Coordination Skills

  4. Proficiency in Canva and/or Creative Design

  5. Those with an interest in developing their writing skills in addition to expanding their knowledge on social media are encouraged to apply.

As part of the program the Work Experience candidates will receive:

  1. A monthly allowance

  2. Direct mentorship and support from a Core Team member of ESSL will include fortnightly one-on-one discussions and two half-day mentoring sessions designed jointly by the Work Experience candidates and Mentor

  3. Access to all the Core Team members for support, one-on-one discussions, and skills-building as needed

  4. A certificate of completion

  5. A service letter indicating the duration of the Fellowship, tasks undertaken etc.

  6. A recommendation letter was written by the Mentor for general use

  7. List the Mentor as a referee on your CV for a duration of 2 years

  8. Access to request recommendation letters for any application process from any member of the Core Team for up to 2 years.

How do you apply?

Please email (the subject line should be “Application for ESSL’s Work Experience Program) with your:

CV (that includes the details of two non-related referees)

● A cover letter describing what interests you about working with us

● An additional media component that showcases your work and skills (this can be your portfolio, links to content you have created, links to media you have been featured in, a short video you created to tell us about yourself - be creative!)

Please make sure you send in a completed application with all the elements requested above. This is your first impression with us so make it count!

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